Alsalam Holding Company
Alsalam Holding Company

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About Our Insurance Sector
Dar Alsalam Insurance Co.

Over the years, Dar Alsalam insurance has built its reputation through its clients by assuring its delivering each and every service in a professional and efficient way that pleases them and keep the company in compliance with Islamic Shari. 

Dar Alsalam Insurance (Islamic) is based on donation and not trading as it is in Commercial Insurance. The Islamic insurance company represent the policyholders (insurance account or fund) in front of the potential subscriber (person or company).  The installments are deposited in a fund which is managed by the company in exchange to specific fees. For mitigation of risks, the Company reinsure its subscribers with Reinsurance Takaful companies.  The subscriber donate their fees and the companies pay for repairing the damages.  Any surplus will be redistributed back to the subscribers. 

Company Activities:

• Carrying out all types of Takaful insurance activities (co-operative insurance) and related activities including insurance and reinsurance and concluding all contracts and carrying out all the legal action which are necessary to realize the company’s interests.

 • Investing the funds available to the company whether movables or real estate in various activities those are appropriate with the company’s objectives and not in conflict with the judgments of the Islamic Shari’a and the established rules and regulations.

• Providing insurance and reinsurance consultancy and technical studies to companies involved in similar activities.  All Company dealing are conducted in accordance with  Islamic Shari’a as approved by Fatwa and Shari’a Supervisory Board. 

The Company covers the following types of insurance:

  •  Insurance against fire and general accidents
  •  Marine and aviation insurance
  •  Insurance against risks of contractors
  •  Health and life insurance
  • Travel Insurance