Alsalam Holding Company
Alsalam Holding Company

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Alsalam Holding Company

Company Strategy

The Company Strategy is based on:
1.Contribution in developing real estate assets owned by the company in order to maximize shareholder value; where as the company oversees the development of real estate assets owned by its companies to be converted into income-generating assets and continuously cash flows.

2.Contribution in developing the companies’ business size operating under its umbrella; by increasing the size of its business within the State of Kuwait, or by opening new markets.

3.Exploiting available opportunities in the Kuwaiti market; through acquiring already existing investment groups and restructures them to achieve added value. The company is currently considering a number of opportunities in this area.

4.Entering new operational income-generating sectors in areas such as food, education and trading, where the company began to establish specialized companies in these areas.

5.The Company is seeking to list its shares in other markets in order to expand its shareholders ba