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PR3 & S102 - Land Rigs

Bennevis- Offshore Rig

About Our Oil & Gas Sector 
Gulf Petroleum Investment Co.

Gulf Petroleum Investment Company (GPI) was established in 1998 as a Kuwaiti shareholding company, and was listed on Kuwait stock exchange market by 2005. GPI mainly focuses on services in the hydrocarbon extractive industries, primary activities includes Oil field services, drilling (both offshore and onshore). Engineering and consulting for upstream and downstream related projects. 

Group Activities:

The main activities of the Company and its subsidiaries are as follows:

• Providing consulting, economic, technical and specialized services to governments and to oil and petrochemical companies in the field of marketing, refining, production, investment, financial aspects, planning, overseas transportation, organizing training and other fields related to oil and petrochemicals. 

• Conducting marketing research and gather information on the petroleum and petrochemical industry and publishing it.

• Providing special services for governments producing and consuming of oil and petrochemical, in order to accelerate communication processes and maintain a regular relationship with each other.

• Owning plants, equipment and machineries and all the devices used in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, including manufacturing plants, transportation and others to its own account or in partnership with governments and companies producing and consuming petroleum and petrochemicals all over the world, subject to the authorization of the Public Authority for Industry

• Work as agents and representatives of governments and companies producing and consuming oil and petrochemicals, and do all the other processes required by the company's business interests and purposes of selling, buying and ownership in all areas related to oil and petrochemicals outside Kuwait.

Our Business for comprehensive Drilling Services

Our current operation includes wide range of world-class well-drilling and related services to the oil and gas extractive industries, The company engages in all aspects of drilling, deep exploration, medium and shallow drilling activities, as well as work-over services that enhance the productivity of existing oil wells. 

We are continuously expanding our business in the MENA region for the following services but not limited to

•Onshore & Offshore Drilling
•Directional Drilling
•Coiled Tubing
•Cementing and Acidizing
•LWD/MWD, Logging, Milling
•Stimulation & Nitrogen Service
•Oil wells Engineering & Technical Support Services for Turn-Key Projects