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About Our Service Sector
Beat Alamal Co.

Beat Alamal Company K.S.C (Holding) was established on 11th October 2005, as a specialized company in the field of cleaning and security services. Al-Salam Group Company holds approximately 99% interest stake in Beat Alamal Co.

The Company’s total labor force reached almost 2,500, distributed between labors and employees including all administrative levels.

Company Activities:

During 2012 the company was executing 14 contracts with different governmental bodies, most of these contracts extends for 3 – 5 years with total value exceeding KD 16 million (equivalent to US$ 56 million), and the average expected rate of return for such contracts is almost 20%. Year 2013 has witnesses an increase by 31% on the company’s contracts value to reach KD 21 million. Highlighting the contract with the Air Defense Brigades and the Public Institution For Social Security 

The governmental bodies and entities in which entered into contracts with the company are; Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, National Guard, Kuwait Oil Company, National Petroleum Corporation and the Public Institution For Social Security.

Beat Alamal Company is already a qualified company by the Kuwait Municipality, considered the highest classification for cleaning companies, which qualify the company to bid and enter tenders within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as a whole. Beat Alamal Company looks forward to seize available opportunities within offered tenders in the GCC region, specifically those presented in the State of Qatar, as the fact that State of Qatar lacks the presence of companies that possesses great potentials in such area.